Huiwen & Kenneth, Studio Asobi

Huiwen & Kenneth, Studio Asobi

Huiwen & Kenneth, Studio Asobi

A homegrown, Singaporean husband and wife pair of ceramic artists, playfully wandering through life with hands full of clay.

I’ve been running Studio Asobi since: Sep 2014

Former life: In 2013, Huiwen took a sabbatical from her financially rewarding corporate career and after a pilgrimage of discovery in Tajimi, one of Japan’s famous pottery towns, she decided to take a big step of faith and practice ceramics full-time. Trained in art and architecture, Kenneth has always held a special love for ceramic sculpture, and since joining Huiwen in this practice, now helps to chart Studio Asobi’s artistic direction while designing homes in his day job with a property developer.

How I got started in Ceramics: We see life both as a spiritual journey of exploration, and also as a joyful adventure, and our decision to become potters is a big part of this adventure we are embarking on as a couple. We also want to embed this spirit of a playful journey into our work, lovingly naming each vessel we create and weaving in the dreamy beauty of haikus into our art. We create our ceramic art as a reflection of our spiritual journey of faith, using clay to express our love, our hope, and our struggles. We also run introductory ceramics workshops from our cosy home studio.

Every day, we wake up full of gratitude for the life we are given, and we want to share this gratitude and love with the people around us. We have thus pledged to donate 20% of all our proceeds to local charity Mercy Centre, for their wonderful ministry towards the homeless in Singapore. We also believe in using our gifts as a force for good, and we have donated our works in support of charitable causes such as Room To Read and Oxfam Trailwalker.

My idea of a perfect day in Singapore: Cycling together to catch the beautiful sunrise or taking a long walk in the woods, followed by a nice breakfast to open the day. After breakfast, it would be time to simply experiment with forms and glazes to create new vessels! 

Favourite neighbourhood in Singapore (and why): Hougang because it is full of heart and it is our hood!

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